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ipad mini The second wave to slightly ~ ~ you dare to sweep I dare to send! The

Easy to sweep away the two-dimensional code, You Chen gift waiting for you to take
From December 15 to participate in our "easy swept away two-dimensional code, Friends of the gift and so you get" activities, we will take 50 participants per week to get Friends of the company sent a beautiful gift, more IPAD MINI Such as heart award.

This winning rate is capricious
New Year, Fortune to, Friends of the grand ceremony. Ipad mini again slightly, the first wave ipad mini just sent, followed by the second wave, express brother brother every day fast, busy for everyone escort a year of good luck. No winning do not worry you do not have good luck, exclusive you have been waiting for you, this activity is still continuing, Hao Li still waiting for you here Yo ~.

ps:(Some people worry about the authenticity of the event, hereby open some of the winners information, this event is absolutely true.)

There is a lucky person named Li Xuling get a gift we sent a gift, the courier has arrived but fill in the contact number wrong, please reply to our WeChat as soon as possible to change the phone or call 0595-88376760 contact us.