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Friends of the minister onions fragrant meat muffins fresh incoming

        Youchen (Fujian) foods Co.,ltd adhering to the "market as a leader, to the quality of survival, in good faith and development, innovation-oriented" business philosophy, the attitude of excellence, experienced innovation and R & D team, according to the market Feedback and demand, after a long period of testing and research and development, with a breakthrough in the breakthrough, the new onion fragrant meat muffins coming soon.

        Selection of raw materials: selected floss, fleshy crisp delicious, the entrance that is; the original ecological cultivation, sunny enough, large and rounded green beans; appearance of flat, full of wheat; high quality origin, adequate water, structured Onions and other raw materials.

        Production process: superb production technology, experienced professional production staff, advanced food testing center, from the selection to the production of Cengcengbaguan, to ensure that consumers provide you with the rest assured that our products.

        Taste:Friends of the onion scallions on the basis of the taste, add a delicious new recipe, extract the essence of onions, the onion fragrance and fill the perfect combination of taste Novel, let the onion scented meat muffins more crisp intoxicating, onion fragrance overflowing. Full of crisp pine floss, filled with green beans fragrance, scattered intoxicating scallions melted into sweet taste in the mouth blooming, flavored, there is love, there is material of the Friends of the onion scented meat muffins, new taste new listing, you still What? The