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In the 1990s, President You Linghua founded Quanzhou Licheng Fuquan Food Factory by virtue of his expertise in baking techniques and food machinery research and development. In 2011, the company successfully developed and took the lead in launching the "Youchen Meat Muffin", which quickly captured the market taste buds with the characteristics of "crisp, sweet, salty, thin and filled".



Subsequently, the company has successively developed innovative products such as meat floss cheese bread, meat floss seaweed toast bread, Rubik's cube toast bread, golden floss cake, meat floss shellfish cake, etc. The product line covers pie, bread, cake and other categories; Thanks to the rapid freezing technology and developed cold chain logistics, Youchen launched quick frozen rice and flour products such as Shaomai and Baozi, and continuously optimized and upgraded them according to the brand positioning and market demand.



In terms of R&D and quality control: Youchen has an advanced R&D center and an experienced R&D team in China, and holds a number of core technology intellectual property rights. Every year, it accepts the inspection of Wal Mart, Carrefour, RT Mart, China Resources Wanjia and other international and domestic chain stores. In 2021, Youchen Meat Muffin and Youchen Rubik's Cube Toast won the "iTi International Delicacy Medal", which is known as the Oscar of the food industry.

In the food industry of "channel is king, terminal wins", Youchen has a comprehensive and rich domestic and international sales network. In 2011, Youchen seized the opportunity of e-commerce development, led the way to mainstream e-commerce platforms (Taobao/Tmall, JD, etc.), and developed "blowout" meat muffins.



At the same time, Youchen continues to expand its offline high-quality channels, and carries out the channel sinking policy. It deepens the KA and BC terminal markets in the second and third tier cities in China. In addition to provincial capitals and prefecture level cities, it has sunk into the broad township markets so that consumers across the country (including Xinjiang, Tibet and other remote areas) can enjoy delicious food more conveniently; The products are exported to the United States, South Korea, Australia and other overseas markets.



In terms of brand construction, the company has created well-known independent brands such as "Youchen, Haodian, Niuke, Quanliyou, and Xuwantian"; Select CCTV, Hunan, Zhejiang, Dongfang, Jiangsu and other first and second tier satellite TV, iQIYI, Mango TV, LeTV and other online platforms, Wanda Plaza and high-speed rail and other offline platforms to carry out all-round publicity; Seize the emerging communication channels, Tiktok, video number and other short video APP, and carry out product marketing and consumer interaction. In addition, Youchen also focuses on the channel and terminal construction of the brand, regularly carries out various exhibitions, dealer strategy meetings, puts on TV image cabinets and various display cabinets, and is active in various offline promotion activities to interact and communicate with consumers more directly.

In order to quickly respond to the market, Youchen Food established an offline chain baking store - Xuwantian in 2020, committed to building a first-class baking brand and becoming a fashionable and high-quality light catering brand. While enhancing the brand awareness and reputation of Youchen, it also consolidated the position of Youchen in the whole food industry, and better and faster embedded the brand communication value in the memory of consumers.



In the future, Youchen will stick to the spirit of "craftsman", keep forging ahead, shoulder the mission of "providing consumers with high-quality and delicious healthy food", and work tirelessly to forge the vision of "becoming the food leader in the eyes of consumers"!

Source of YOUCHEN meat floss cake


In 2009, by chance, Mr. You Linghua found the existence of meat muffins at the banquet. This simple meal seemed ordinary, but it was full of homely taste, which made him feel amazing and memorable. A dream about delicious food quietly blossomed at that time.


I believe this is a new possibility of pastry, and I hope this good taste can spread further. With a simple initial intention, Mr. You Linghua began to devote himself to the research on the baking technology of meat muffins. In the past two years, he has tasted almost all kinds of meat floss products on the market, just for repeated evaluation, to know himself and his opponent; In order to develop the most ideal taste, he did everything from raw materials to baking temperature, and kept improving. He also developed the "Youchen Fried Pork Floss Technology" and the fine standardized process of "15 processes, 95 processes" to ensure the large-scale mass production and delicious quality of the meat floss cake.


In 2011, Youchen meat muffin was carefully launched, which conquered consumers' taste buds with the unique flavor of "crisp, salty, sweet, thin and filled". It has repeatedly achieved good sales, driven the development of the category industry chain, and became an important milestone in Youchen's development. Now, the pastries of Youchen have entered into thousands of families and enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad. No pains, no gains. Behind the quality is the original intention of not forgetting to carry out the delicious food to the end, which is also the unremitting persistence and waiting of all friends and ministers. Youchen, with delicious quality, enjoys life.

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Hello! My name is Duoduo Liao, you can call me Duo Duo as well. It is nice to meet you! I was born in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, I am the most talented bread developer in the research and development Department of Youchen Group, and also the lifelong spokesperson of Youchen brand. Although I may seem fragile and soft, I am actually brave, especially in the face of difficulties and obstacles, I will not easily admit defeat! My dream is to become the research and development director of the group and the top bread baker in China, to bring you a lot of products with full materials and intentions, and to explore a better life with you. Do you see the stupid seagull-shaped hair on my head? Once I've created the most popular baked goods, it can transform into wings and take me soaring in the sky, and flying freely.


Development History


The present and the future - Chengdu-Pengzhou self-built base project starts on schedule -Diversified business exploration "across categories, modes and industries

- Youchen Meat Loaf and Youchen Magic Cube Toast both won the ITI International Taste Award, known as the "Oscars of the Tongue". - Youchen soufflés were inspected and approved for distribution by Korean Customs - Youchen Meat Loaf was approved by the US Department of Agriculture and cleared for distribution in the US

- The company's head office was officially completed in the "Quanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (national level)" in the heart of the Golden Triangle Economic Zone in southern Fujian - The industry standard of "Meat Puff Pastry" was officially approved, which promoted the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and filled the gap in the industry.

Having passed a number of stringent export inspection and quarantine programs, Youchen meat muffins have entered overseas markets such as Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

- Youchen (Fujian) Food Co. - Shandong Youchen Food Co. - Chengdu Youchen Food Co. - Fujian Youchen Industrial Co. The company's development has entered the fast lane with the completion of the layout of four bases nationwide

The successful development and launch of Youchen meat puff pastry is an important milestone in the development of Youchen food and the industry.

The "Sanmei King" sliced toast has become an instant hit and the main representative of the popular Western-style pastry.

The introduction of "pre-packaged food" in the form of Chinese desserts such as green bean cakes and wife-cakes became the "bakery trendsetter" of the new century

In 1989, he left his hometown (Ningde) to start his own business in Quanzhou, and three years later he founded the Fuquan Food Factory.

At the age of 15, Mr. You Suzhua (Chairman) entered the baking business




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